Wait… what?

In just one week it’s moving day. And when I say moving day I mean moving in with my parents day. In order to save what few pays I have left I am to move back to le casa de mi madre. I’m not impressed. I’m even less impressed with the fact that I now have to go through all my junk and pack things I want to keep and throw away worthless pieces … well… So here is this week’s GPOY… 


As you may be able to tell I’m having a bit of a freak out.

Judy-May out.

Perfect 7 minutes

A few weeks ago I bombarded you with my childhood TV show openers. Well I found a man who sings them in a medley! If you have 7 minutes spare enjoy!

At the weekend

At the weekend my bro and his gf came to visit. We decided that bowling would be the thing to do. Here’s what happened:

I wore some classic  80s inspired clothing. Including this headband and…

extreme skinny jeans and volley shoes.

Upon arrival we found that

some balls were soaked in a magical elixer that made the user really good at bowling!

I did not get one of these balls!

Wango and Faz did, which of course was totally unfair as they are already sportsmen and don’t need any help!

Mayselle found much of the day frustrating. Despite almost perfect technique here ball had not imbibed enough “magic”!

El found the day inspiring, after a tragic loss in the first game El came back in the second to take 3rd place.

And that was our bowling adventure.

Judy-May out.

I’ve just got the Camera+ app on my phone and I’m loving it!!! That’s why the pics are all a little loopy.