Tom Baker, The Forth Doctor

Tom Baker played the Doctor for 7 years. That’s longer than high school! For this reason it was hard to make a decent representation of his costume, because there are so many variants to it. So this is more of an inspired by Tom Baker’s Doctor. And before you ask, you’ll have to make the scarf yourself because I’ve looked and I can’t find one, unless it’s on etsy… where there are plenty.


Legend of Aang

I geek out over a lot of stuff. TV shows and books mostly. During one of my geekier moments I found this:

By an amazing young artist that goes by viria. This image inspired me to have a crack at styling some modern versions of what the gaang would wear. For those of you not in the know the above picture is based on characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, a Nickelodeon cartoon.

A side step from my Doctor outfits but I hope you like them anyway.

The second doctor

The thing I love about Two is that he was more clownish and less serious that One. He played the recorder and wore stovepipe hats when he could. And he had these awesome pops of colour, like his red bow tie and vibrant pocket scarf.


The second doctor

The Ninth Doctor

So here’s Nine. He’s the easiest of all the Doctors to do because he tones it down. He’s like rocker Doctor.

I went with a high waisted pant and a wedge ankle boot to fancy it up. A girl can’t rock a masculine look without something fancy.



The Ninth Doctor

Hobbs slimming top
£29 –

A L C genuine leather jacket
$413 –

Yves Saint Laurent cashmere pants
$1,590 –

ASOS wedge boots
£65 –

The First Doctor

I’ve been going through a Doctor Who? phase so I thought I’d put together some outfits for us ladies on the polyvore that were inspired by the 11 incarnations of the Doctor. Who knows I might throw a companion in too. Enjoy!


The First Doctor

Chloé silk blouse
$810 –

Dorothy Perkins tuxedo blazer
$69 –

Isabella Oliver herringbone vest
$105 –

FAIR+true checkered pants
£85 –

Zara flat boots
$50 –

Paula Bianco bow necklace
£188 –

Just Female Acces silver flower ring
€18 –

Biking clothes

Biking clothes

Hey you guys!
Yesterday I rode 13+ km around my town! It was a great jaunt. Above is similar to what I wore.
My bike is a white version of the Electra 7sp Cruiser you see above. My jeans are Clockhouse from C&A in Halle, Germany whereas these ones are from City Chic. My top is similar to this one from City Chic but it’s from Rockman’s BeMe range. My birkies are the same make but in Burnt Orange. And finally my bag is Bluebird from Strandbags. Everything else is bang on!
I now am sunburnt, (silly me) and have a great strap mark across my chest. I took lots of photos and I will share with you soon. In the meantime here was the view from one of the prettier spots on my ride.
Judy-May out!