Obsession by Me

I have recently become ever so slightly obsessed with chic cycling. It’s a wave of fashionable people riding their bikes in every day clothes inspired by the trend of everyday biking in Europe, especially Amsterdam. I think it’s brilliant.

Amsterdam bicycles piled high on a bridge over a canal, near the flower markets.

In my home town our cyclists ride in a plethora of lycra on bikes lighter than my shoe. They race around in large groups and drink coffee on the way home, lounging about proudly wearing their bike gear (sometimes to my distress, there are some things only a wife/husband/partner should see). I have had an allergy to lycra since I gave up dancing 15 years ago and have vowed never to be seen in public wearing it unless I am swimming. And I am far from sporty. So you can imagine that this group (stereotype, genre) of cyclists have intimidated me. Besides I like pretty things.

I have been inspired by these lovely cycling blogs. So inspired that I long to own my own 3 speed bicycle with chain and mud guards (to protect my lovely clothes), basket at the front and parcel rack at the back.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Cycle Style Australia 

Knitting Lemonade

Let’s Go Ride a Bike  (I often end up singing this one.)

I’m off to dream of cycling in our chilly autumn weather. Enjoy your week.

Judy-May out!