My Zombie Apocalypse Team

I’ve seen this zombie apocalypse meme floating around and I decided I’d throw my own together. It’s a bit slap dash. Let me know what you think!

My Zombie Team-page-0Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) is clearly only there for eye-candy and comic relief.

Tom Baker, The Forth Doctor

Tom Baker played the Doctor for 7 years. That’s longer than high school! For this reason it was hard to make a decent representation of his costume, because there are so many variants to it. So this is more of an inspired by Tom Baker’s Doctor. And before you ask, you’ll have to make the scarf yourself because I’ve looked and I can’t find one, unless it’s on etsy… where there are plenty.


Legend of Aang

I geek out over a lot of stuff. TV shows and books mostly. During one of my geekier moments I found this:

By an amazing young artist that goes by viria. This image inspired me to have a crack at styling some modern versions of what the gaang would wear. For those of you not in the know the above picture is based on characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, a Nickelodeon cartoon.

A side step from my Doctor outfits but I hope you like them anyway.

Reasons to love “Community”! #1

Filled with nerdy TV tropes and film references Community is a bit of a cult classic. And here are the reasons I love it!

1. Danny Pudi. Flawlessly playing the film student of a straight-laced Arabic father and absent Polish mother, Danny Pudi brings to life what has to be one of the most loveable characters on the show. Abed.

2. Troy and Abed. Reminiscent of some of my favourite TV friendships, JD and Turk (Scrubs), Tim and Mike (Spaced) and Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation), Troy and Abed are really close. And funny. The shenanigans these two get up to can’t be described. Just watch:

Long video I know, you really only have to watch the first minute to understand what’s with these two.

3. Alison Brie. Playing the jail-bait of the group, Annie, Alison Brie transitions perfectly from playing Trudie on Mad Men to playing youthful Annie Edison. She is a truly amazing actress. And so funny!

4. The writing. This show is really for film and TV nerds. But it definitely has wide spread appeal too. The jokes are hilarious, the progression of story lines are perfect and the narration style is so subtle you’d have to be a complete nerd to truly pick up on it.

5. The ensemble. I know I’ve highlighted Alison Brie and Danny Pudi because they are my favourites, but this show wouldn’t work at all if the cast didn’t click as well as they do. There is brilliant chemistry between this group of people which comes through in nearly every episode. (Pilot excluded, because, well, aren’t they always?)

6. The B characters. This show is fleshed out with a great cast of B characters, those that aren’t part of the main line-up. From Dr Rick and Starburns, to Leonard and Vicki. All of these characters are just like those that you see at real universities.

Loathe List


It’s Thursday, must be time to tell you all the stuff I hate this week.

1. Swagger or Swag.  Oh you think you have swag? In my country a swag is a roll out bed and all your belongings bundled up into one neat pack, used specifically by bushmen or camping types. I don’t think you have a swag. I appreciate it when old words get reused, I like the fluidity of language so it’s not the words that I’m against here it’s the constant use. I’m so sick of hearing about such and such having swag and swagger. All I’m going to think is that such and such is a giant douche. Oh wait I thought that already!

2. Book hype. I think I hate this one because it’s the one that sucks me in so easily. I really hate myself around book hype. I get all consumer driven and desperate. “My life won’t be complete until I’ve read ‘Important Book’! I must have it now!” And before I know it I’ve spent $30 on The Night Circus and I’m never going to finish it because, in the end, I was swept up by the idea of the book more than it’s merits.

3. Over the top Photoshop. “Um excuse me, Beyonce? Are you really Beyonce? You look nothing like your pictures.” May I direct you here and here for evidence? Is it any wonder that women are killing themselves (figuratively, hyperbolically and literally) to fit an image that is completely unattainable? Don’t even get me started on the whole feminist rant that I have for this.

4. Reality TV. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until everyone bloody well agrees with me. Reality TV is ruining our brains. I don’t want to watch another TV show about housewives or weird people who are products of their environments! I hate watching shows about parents exploiting their children and vice versa. I want to sit down and watch TV that has a plot thank you very much! I know I can just switch of and I do, but TV content is becoming so focussed on “reality” that I’m running out of things to watch. And I love TV. I grew up with TV! I’m a TV nerd. Perhaps not so much anymore.

Thursday gripe done! Begone and spread the word!

Over too soon.

I’ve been enjoying Legend of the Seeker, latelyThe show only lasted 44 episodes, two measly seasons! This is a great show that wasn’t able to fully find it’s place in the viewing schedule. And how could it? The TV guide is so full of Crime Drama (honestly, what’s next? CSI: Artic Circle?) that new shows aren’t truly given the time to become great. It’s either a hit straight away or it’s not going to happen, ever! EVER!

Other excellent shows that only survived 2 years or under:

Wonderfalls. Jaye is drawn into conversations with toys and figurines that tell her to do things. When she refuses they badger into submission, mostly so other people don’t think that she’s crazy! What’s not to love? Underdog main character, cute boy, talking wax lion! When tripe like The Biggest Loser and Wife Swap plague our screens why are shows that are intelligent, humorous and well decorated being canned?

Joss Wheadon created Firefly after the immensely popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A great show with an interesting cast of characters, enough humour, action and romance for anyone. I blame fully the loss of this show on ridiculous reality TV. I do not care if you are a talented singer who just wants a chance to live your dream!  As lead actor Nathan Fillion said: “Why was this show cancelled?” One season wasn’t enough and a movie followed but sadly that is all.

The poor Pie-Maker. In Pushing Daisies, it’s early on that Ned discovers his gift. As a child he accidentally brings his mother back to life with just a touch but quickly realises if he doesn’t touch them again someone else has to die. In his mother’s case it’s his bestfriend, Charlotte’s father. And it is my personal opinion that Olive Snook, singing waitress at Ned’s shop, The Pie Hole, is the most wonderful character in the world.

Bryan Fuller doesn’t have too much luck with his TV shows as Wonderfalls was also his creation.

In a world where great shows like these are cancelled and shows like Pickers, Hard Core Pawn and Swamp People continue to been shown what hope is there that entertainment will ever win out over mindless viewing?

What favourite shows of yours have been cancelled before their prime? Do you know of any shows that maybe should have been cut short much sooner than they went on?