Video of the Week: Books! #2

I’m falling into reading quite well at the moment. Even though I do currently have 4+ books on the go right now and I sometimes get a bit confused, I’m still loving being transported to a different world. And that’s why today’s video of the week is all about our paper and glue friend.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


So I’ve really only started to understand the vast community that is YouTube over the last 5 months. And it’s been great! But I’ve been keeping a secret from you all. I’ve been having a relationship with John Green and his brother Hank. I know, I know. Sorry. Obviously this is the type of relationship that exists purely in the form of active content makers (them) and passive content consumer (me). By this I mean I have never met John or Hank Green or their respective wives.

Oh just watch and get hooked like I did.

Lizzie Bennet, I choose you!

It’s been a little while since I posted a video of the week. And I have no excuse, however, I have found YouTube to be so inspiring of late, it’s been hard to narrow down just one video. UNTIL NOW! My favourite brothers (that aren’t my own) John and Hank Green are responsible for raising the popularity of a lot of vloggers/YouTubers. Hank has decided to branch out now and start his own creative YouTube project.

Watch Hank explain his new project:

Hank’s new project and video of the week: Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries!

I hope you enjoy!

TV Nostalgia

This week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for my old TV favourites. Saturday morning cartoons lost their sparkle around the time I started puberty and desperately wanted to sleep in and now they’re lacklustre or worse, AWOL! Here are a few that still make my day.

Ah DangerMouse what can I say? With your suave British ways and eye patch I think you’d win in a fight with BatFink.

SuperTed, I still believe my teddy bear will be brought to life by a spotty man with cosmic dust!

There will never be a more awesome group of friends. I’m sorry it’s true.

Until I was a uni student I actually believed that Scrooge McDuck was the original! (exaggeration, or is it?)

Arabian nights! Like Arabian days! They tease and excite, take off and take flight- oh sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

Finally here’s the one that I loved the most.

29 Acacia Road where Eric lives. A schoolboy with an amazing double life. I think that I might be BananaGirl.

Hope you have liked this journey into the Saturday mornings of my youth. Video of the week may be back next Friday. I’m not sure.

Judy-May out!

Friday’s Here!

Hey you guys!

It’s video of the week! I’ve decided to share with you a video that really moves me. It shows friendship and really demonstrates the importance of mates to the average Australian. Friends are really what it’s all about. I’m showing you this as a celebration that these two blokes are returning home after a long time away. Get home safely fellas.