Oops I did it again. Or rather didn’t…

I’ve been absent for a while (sorry) but here’s what I’ve been up to over this time:IMG_1709

Writing letters to my friends, and pen pals. Including the delightful Laura!

Scarf for PPT in Melb.

Scarf for PPT in Melb.

Knitting a scarf with the new lovely yarn I bought. I hope my giftee likes it!


Driving around a lot and getting stuck in traffic. I like to use this time to take photos of lovely architecture. Like these stain glass windows that you actually can’t see!


Or these Juliet balconies. Aren’t they gorgeous in a falling down kind of way? (I was actually standing when I took this and therefore not driving.)


Trying not to hurl when we accidentally ordered chicken feet. I didn’t eat them but I did eat some of the bits of pork around them.

See you soon.


Exciting things have been a foot lately in the world of me! First thing, my pen pal, TC,  sent me a letter. This is actually quite a regular thing. It’s still exciting when I get the letter and can read all the goings on in her life!

TC’s letter!

Next, I signed up with the Orphaned Postcard Project. I picked 5 (greedy I know!) postcards I knew I could write a little something about. And my postcards came! I can’t wait to write on them and send them back! Here they are:

The Astronomical Clock in Prague’s Old Town Square. This was taken in 1922.


Prague’s Old Town Square. The Tower is where you’ll find the Astronomical Clock.












Apollo’s Temple in Pompeii.

Babelsburg Palace and Park in Potsdam, Germany.










Where’s Wally. For a bit of fun!

Finally, I am in love with Answer Me This. It’s a podcast by Helen, Olly and Martin. Basically listeners send in questions, either advice or information based, and Helen, Olly and Martin will attempt to answer them for you. I recently sent them an email with further information pertaining to an older podcast about “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”. And they put my email on their website! Stoked!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there! Whether you’re mums to children, adults, pets or plants or are just genuinely maternal, have a great day! You bloody deserve it!