Something that’s been bothering me.

I love Pinterest. But there’s something that I’m really over, and that’s Preachterest. I’m so sick to death of seeing posts that tell me what to do with my body or with my faith or with myself. So I made this. And I fully intend on pinning it straight away!

Why I love Pinterest, and why you will too

I have fallen in love with a new website. I know I’m already a nerd but this is a site that everyone will love. You do need to request an invitation but one you’re on, it’s lovely.


Here are 5 reasons why I love Pinterest

1. It’s a much better version of my bookmarks. Any time I see something I like I can simply “pin” it to my board. No more huge lists to find that cute dress that would be perfect for my trip to Fiji.

2. I can follow other people’s boards! It’s like twitter for images.

3. Giggling at funny quotes without hunting them down.

4. Gift ideas!

5. Future husbands boards.

You can check out my Pin Boards here. I’ll send you an invite if you’re interested.

Get Pinning. It’s wonderful.