My life lately.

Hey you guys!

For these last few weeks I have been back living with ma mère and mon père. It has been quite easy actually. There, of course, have been moments of antagonism but wholly it has been fine.

Recently I made a decision about moving abroad. I have decided that I will move to Scotland, taking up a Youth Mobility Visa to work there for a year. If it all works out. I may only be there for a month but I will have tried at least. And who’s to say that it won’t work out.

It’s been glorious summer weather here and I have been hating it. It’s too hot. I don’t appreciate heat. I like the cold, but I have been trying to at least do stuff in it. I have had some nice picnics and been sitting in the shade outside which has been nice.

Healthy type lunch with TM at LivEat. We staged this because she was reading Men's Health with lots of hunky men in it.

The journal I gave to KK. I put lots of journal suggestions inside as well as photos of our history together and little "self-care strategies". I will make her some more pages.


At Royal Park, our local youth radio station was setting up for a huge party while KK and I lunched. Next to us there were some very cute (young) French Canadian men barbequing. We couldn't work out where they were from so KK asked.

And that has been my life lately. Lots of other things have happened, like my friend DC moving to Indo and Miss USA deciding to come visit Australia. But that’s their lives and not what my blog is about! LOL


Judy -May out!


Wait… what?

In just one week it’s moving day. And when I say moving day I mean moving in with my parents day. In order to save what few pays I have left I am to move back to le casa de mi madre. I’m not impressed. I’m even less impressed with the fact that I now have to go through all my junk and pack things I want to keep and throw away worthless pieces … well… So here is this week’s GPOY… 


As you may be able to tell I’m having a bit of a freak out.

Judy-May out.


Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, like now. I’m keen on thinking that it’s due to over stimulation, my brain keeps on buzzing. In order to use this time constructively, I have come up with the following:

My blog has been somewhat aimless. It’s tried to be somethings that I love about other blogs, but it and therefore I have not found a voice. In order to rectify this I have come up with a list of daily blog posts. So if I am feeling like writing a post but I’m actually clueless about what to write, refer to the day of the week. If I have something to say, write and post on the day the post naturally fits into.

“But Judy-May,” I hear you cry. “You have other blog posts to follow up on! And what happened to pictures of your trip?”

Well dear reader, don’t become disillusioned. I have plans… so many plans… “Tonight, Pinky, we try to take over the world!”

Anyway over the coming days, months, years, (basically until I a) get sick of this style, b) think that it’s not working, c) completely forget that I ever wrote this post) you can expect:

  • Monday: Alphabet letter of the week
  • Tuesday: Travel Tuesday
  • Wednesday: GPOYW (that’s gratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday)
  • Thursday: Thursday’s Gripe
  • Friday: Video of the Week
  • Saturday: Saturday Lit. (or Saturday “Ask Judy-May” not sure yet, we’ll see)
  • Sunday: Get on your Bike!

Let me know what you think. Yes that means getting your act together and commenting below. Seriously people it’s not that hard. I know I have some readers. Give me feedback!

And get excited for tomorrow’s GPOYW!

Whoop! (That’s me getting excited. Oh. What shall I wear?)

Judy-May out!

5 Things for Me

Last night I sat down to make a plan. I have discovered that although I have time to do things that I like, I waste this time! How dreadful. So I made a plan to carve out some time to do stuff that I like/want to do. I titled it: 5 Things for Me Before Fiji. Here they are:

1. Complete the 20/20 Home Cure. The basic idea is that I spend 20 minutes a day doing a set challenge, which is different everyday, for 20 days.

2. Write a piece for a publication. I would like to clarify that I don’t need to get it published at this point, I just need to write it!

3. Ride my bike at the weekends. Self explanatory.

4. Finish one knitting project.

5. Finish reading one book.

I put this plan into action at 8pm last night, starting with challenge 1 for the 20/20 Home Cure. I cleaned my bedroom. It’s spick and span. I even “dressed” my chest of drawers.

It’s nice to be able to sit in my room and not stress out because I can’t see the floor.


Today’s 20/20 was to buy flowers. Easy, that. I then popped them in a vase in the living room. Stayed tuned for more pictures.

As for the novel, I’m reading Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue.


Talk soon. x



Lenten Indecision

Working a Catholic school and being raised Catholic (I’m a terrible lapsed Catholic and refuse to discuss my faith online) does often see me pick up some of the “fun” traditions. At the moment it’s Lent and I have decided to take up the challenge of making decisions quickly. Now for anyone that knows me decisions can take me anywhere from 5 minutes (to choose shoes for the day) to 5 years (to select oh a favourite TV show, I don’t know). I’m worse than Joey on Dawson’s Creek. Dawson! No, Pacey. No, Dawson. No, Pacey. Oh who the bloody hell cares?

Deciding what to do next

My indecision can be crippling at times! I find it very frustrating and I often end up doing nothing which is a decision in itself. I’ve even found myself wondering, now that my travels are over what the hell am I going to do with my blog? Should I keep going? Should I give it up? If I do keep going what am I going to write about? Does anyone actually want to read the thoughts of a chubby teacher from Australia?

Do my glasses make me look smart?

Anyway, I’m not going to stress over decisions any more, as McSchnoodle says “Sounds ok.” and she’s a paramedic.


Judy-May out!

10 days until Christmas

I woke up this morning with that terrible feeling of dread. The feeling as though someone was squeezing my heart. I didn’t know what was causing the feeling until someone said that there was only ten days until Christmas. I depart on Christmas day and feel very far from prepared. My German skills are minimal, “Hallo, wie geht’s” is about as far as I have comfortably delved into my language lessons. I have yet to receive my tickets. I haven’t even tried packing my bag. And my itinerary is far from done. I have also forgotten many things on my list.

However things are looking up, my cold, which turned out to be a chest infection has nearly cleared up apart from some residual coughing and my holidays start on Friday!

If you have advice or pre-departure tips feel free to impart your wisdom!

Excitement mounts as holidays approach


This weekend has been filled with lots of stuff for my trip. I have relegated all planning and organising to the weekend as I am prone to stressing. I love this website and I am planning on buying a small amount of things from here for said trip.

Like this?

And this?

Absolutely divine I think and on a long haul flight a girl needs a bit of luxury. I do have to be careful not to spend all my money before I arrive though!

Judy-May out!