Reasons to love “Community”! #1

Filled with nerdy TV tropes and film references Community is a bit of a cult classic. And here are the reasons I love it!

1. Danny Pudi. Flawlessly playing the film student of a straight-laced Arabic father and absent Polish mother, Danny Pudi brings to life what has to be one of the most loveable characters on the show. Abed.

2. Troy and Abed. Reminiscent of some of my favourite TV friendships, JD and Turk (Scrubs), Tim and Mike (Spaced) and Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation), Troy and Abed are really close. And funny. The shenanigans these two get up to can’t be described. Just watch:

Long video I know, you really only have to watch the first minute to understand what’s with these two.

3. Alison Brie. Playing the jail-bait of the group, Annie, Alison Brie transitions perfectly from playing Trudie on Mad Men to playing youthful Annie Edison. She is a truly amazing actress. And so funny!

4. The writing. This show is really for film and TV nerds. But it definitely has wide spread appeal too. The jokes are hilarious, the progression of story lines are perfect and the narration style is so subtle you’d have to be a complete nerd to truly pick up on it.

5. The ensemble. I know I’ve highlighted Alison Brie and Danny Pudi because they are my favourites, but this show wouldn’t work at all if the cast didn’t click as well as they do. There is brilliant chemistry between this group of people which comes through in nearly every episode. (Pilot excluded, because, well, aren’t they always?)

6. The B characters. This show is fleshed out with a great cast of B characters, those that aren’t part of the main line-up. From Dr Rick and Starburns, to Leonard and Vicki. All of these characters are just like those that you see at real universities.