Challenge #1

50 Book Challenge

This year one of my new years resolutions was to read more. When I saw on a tumblr that I follow that she is doing a book challenge then I had to follow suit and do the same with one exception, I’m only reading 26 books this year.

The first 6 books are below but you can see my full list here.


I absolutely adored everything about this book! There was real humour and character development. I got a sense of what Helene and her friend Frank were like, along with the characters of their lives. I will be reading The Duchess Of Bloomsbury Street as soon as my heart recovers.


Another audio book. It’s predictable and light. Only cost $6. It was easy enough to listen to. Mind you when things heated up a little bit (as they tend to do in this particular type of romance novel) I felt a bit awkward listening to it. More so then if I were reading it. It was OK.


I bought this on iTunes as an audiobook and was immediately swept up in a whirl of comedy that is Mindy Kaling’s brain. The fact that she also reads the audiobook doesn’t hurt. This book is more like a one sided conversation, where I as the avid listener/reader, learnt more about Mindy (we’re on first name basis now, we’re just tight OK!) and her views on life than I would’ve expected. Hilarious, reverential and completely dorky, Mindy has somehow written a book that reads like your best friend’s diary. She discusses everything from revenge fantasies she has while working out and pretending to be Ben Affleck to having an entire chapter of photos on her Blackberry (not great for audio readers!). I’m quite sure that anyone who reads this will want to be BFFs with Mindy!


I’m very far behind. I believe it’s because I got bogged down in one book but couldn’t stop because I kept thinking about this challenge! Eventually I just gave it away! Maybe I’ll finish it who knows. On with book 3. Queen of the Flowers by Kerry Greenwood.

When I grow up I want to be Phryne (pronounced FRY-nee) Fisher! She’s amazing. Independent, strong, unashamed, feisty, intelligent, wicked (in a good way!), beguiling, friendly, kind, take-no-shit, quick witted and quick to draw, tasteful, elegant. Who wouldn’t want to be her? In this novel she sets out to solve another mystery. The mystery of a missing girl.

Kerry Greenwood allows the plot to unfold so naturally it appears almost effortless. Here is the 14th book in a series about a woman detective in 1928 and yet her heroine is so charming it’s easy to believe that she would be able to swan around Melbourne as though the city was there for her own amusement alone. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing selfish about Phryne, the city is happy to oblige her.

This wonderful series of books have inspired a TV series in Australia and I am so pleased that the stories are different to the novels. Unlike movie versions, a TV series has the ability to discourage readers, but the ABC has been smart, subtly changing character details and plot lines to fit into a TV world of Phryne. There is a strong connection but the stories on the screen don’t try to replicate the stories on the page. Well done!


Ok it took a lot of deliberating over this but I have decided to include Questionable Content. Firstly I’d like to say that my BFOF suggested that if I didn’t read as much online content, like blogs, online magazines like Hello Giggles, and webcomics, I would have read a lot more books by now. And that is 100% true. It’s not that I don’t love books, it’s just that interesting stories are happening everywhere and I feel I have to check up on them. Digression complete.

Questionable Content is a webcomic by Jeph Jacques. It’s about Marten, his flatmate Faye and their lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. There are well over 2000 “comic strips” that follow a linear plot line that ranges from comedy to drama with romance thrown in. I think the secret to the success of this long running comic is that it has strong, well developed characters that are easily relatable. It’s defined as “slice of life” but I’d rather say that QC is true to life and all the horrors and wonders that occur. All in all I hope that QC continues with its success and will be a part of my life in the future. As it’s well over 2000 strips long I’ve only read about half but I’m counting it. BACK OFF MISTER, It’s my challenge. WARNING: Mildly and occasionally NSFW with swearing. Click on the picture to view the hilarity. Some of my favs include: 1074 Karaoke Wars, 1735 Bless the Rains, 1279 Weedmaster P is her Dealer.


How I Write – Janet Evanovich. A few years back I read Stephen King’s On Writing and I found it to be very helpful and wise but … It’s hard to explain that ‘but’. I felt there was something missing. Until I read Janet’s book. I’m not saying that it’s better or even comparable to On Writing. It fills in a lot of the blanks I had after reading King’s book.  Janet’s writing book is very informative and helps with lots of things that I personally have struggled with. She goes through character development and plotting techniques as well as outlining what her typical day looks like and how to get published (if you are at that point). I really enjoyed this book and I have been inspired to start writing fiction again.

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