Loot from mon frère

Me, Nan and Brother

My Brother has moved to the UK with El (his beautiful girl).

Yesterday I randomly showed up at my parents place to do a few chores for them and was delighted to find a parcel and accompanying letter from their brief stint in Malaysia.  I was quite impress. Of course I brought much of with me to school today and have                                                       taken some photos for your enjoyment.


Fake Swatch

Angry Birds Headphones

Make-Up case that will be a pencil case.

They also sent me some lovely earrings and new red nail polish! Whoop whoop! And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a massive poser!

Thanks El and Wango.  Muchly appreciated.

Judy-May out!

My Own Doggy post.

A couple of blogs that I read include stories of doggy days. I own no pet of my own and was blessed to spend a weekend doggysitting Oscar a boxer and Ollie (I’m unsure of his breed) and have come home with doggy tails of my own (tails, bahahaha, I crack myself up.

The pecking order between these dogs is quite obvious. Ollie is the leader of the pack and Oscar is his sidekick. Oscar loves affection, Ollie is fine just being nearby. They are so adorable. We walked around their neighbourhood and I wish I had’ve taken some photos because the area is lovely. But here they are:

Everything as it should be. I love watching Oscar attempt to curl himself onto the tiny bed while Ollie spreads himself out over the carpet and larger bed. I had a wonderful time with these boys.

And for comparison here’s a few pictures of my parent’s dog Marley. She’s a pug x King Charles cavalier. And she’s ugly, and quite crazy, but we love her.

I hope you enjoyed my Doggy Post.

Judy-May out!

At the weekend

At the weekend my bro and his gf came to visit. We decided that bowling would be the thing to do. Here’s what happened:

I wore some classic  80s inspired clothing. Including this headband and…

extreme skinny jeans and volley shoes.

Upon arrival we found that

some balls were soaked in a magical elixer that made the user really good at bowling!

I did not get one of these balls!

Wango and Faz did, which of course was totally unfair as they are already sportsmen and don’t need any help!

Mayselle found much of the day frustrating. Despite almost perfect technique here ball had not imbibed enough “magic”!

El found the day inspiring, after a tragic loss in the first game El came back in the second to take 3rd place.

And that was our bowling adventure.

Judy-May out.

I’ve just got the Camera+ app on my phone and I’m loving it!!! That’s why the pics are all a little loopy.