Malaysia Dreaming

Quick photo update for all my friends out there who have been missing me since my big move abroad. Sorry, things have been a bit slow at getting together the last 6 weeks.


The beach view from my balcony.


The beach near my place.


Cheeky Monkey



Completely unexpectedly, my darling friend (who is also very crafty!) 2paw, made this cute little zippy-up bag as a going away present! It was discussed which knitting projects would fit in it and thought that a very small pair of socks might and maybe I will use it for that. But for now it’s for all my little treasures that I’m taking with me when I venture overseas! I’ll show you later what I’m keeping in here.


Exciting things have been a foot lately in the world of me! First thing, my pen pal, TC,  sent me a letter. This is actually quite a regular thing. It’s still exciting when I get the letter and can read all the goings on in her life!

TC’s letter!

Next, I signed up with the Orphaned Postcard Project. I picked 5 (greedy I know!) postcards I knew I could write a little something about. And my postcards came! I can’t wait to write on them and send them back! Here they are:

The Astronomical Clock in Prague’s Old Town Square. This was taken in 1922.


Prague’s Old Town Square. The Tower is where you’ll find the Astronomical Clock.












Apollo’s Temple in Pompeii.

Babelsburg Palace and Park in Potsdam, Germany.










Where’s Wally. For a bit of fun!

Finally, I am in love with Answer Me This. It’s a podcast by Helen, Olly and Martin. Basically listeners send in questions, either advice or information based, and Helen, Olly and Martin will attempt to answer them for you. I recently sent them an email with further information pertaining to an older podcast about “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”. And they put my email on their website! Stoked!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there! Whether you’re mums to children, adults, pets or plants or are just genuinely maternal, have a great day! You bloody deserve it!

Train Stations

Why don’t all train stations have great names? Like “King’s Cross” or “Flinders St”? Or even the happily named “Woy Woy” which sounds like a steam engine whistle! I do realise that the stations are conveniently named after their location but I feel that this can sometimes be irresponsible. For example “Southern Cross”. Melbourne’s major train station used to be called Spencer St Station if memory serves me, which it rarely does. However its new name suggests its location is amongst the stars somewhere. Out in the Milky Way!

Judy-May what on Earth are you on about?

I took a day trip to the Victorian capital about a fortnight ago to do some fun biometric scanning for my visa to the UK and I just got to thinking is all. What did I do well…

I hung around and watched people. I didn’t take any photos of random strangers though.

I saw lots and lots of cyclist in regular clothes zipping up and down Collins St. It’s important to me that the cyclists were in streets because I don’t agree with lycra or it’s friend spandex unless worn ironically or as underwear/swimwear. I don’t appreciate seeing that much of people in my every day life.

While I’m speaking of bikes I saw Australian comedian and spunk Frank Woodley riding his bike down Smith St in Fitzroy. He was appropriately attired in jeans and a t-shirt. And he had a ukulele in his back pack! Seems Melbourne is the place to cycle and to play small instruments.

I saw this bird and several of his friends in a MacDonald’s where I stopped for a thickshake and to write some postcards to friends. He was sitting beneath this sign:

It says “please do not feed the birds”. I had previously wondered about the sign. I thought it was being funny. No.

I saw a movie. I window shopped. I walked a lot. Which I hated. I should’ve got a rent a cycle from the new bike racks that the city has installed.

And that was my trip to Melbourne. In a nutshell.

Have you checked out my new pages above. One links to my Pinterest, the other is a year long reading challenge. Take a look.

Oriental Hat Murder, or some such…

I logged onto FB and asked my friends if there were any pressing questions they’d like answered. My friend DC asked:

“Can a man mistake his wife for a hat?”

I wish I had a witty answer for that question but alas I do not, so I answer him with this:

“A man can be happy with (or mistake for a hat) any woman, as long as he does not love her.”

Oscar Wilde

I find that if you have no answer for something, Oscar will have. And he was much smarter than I.

You can find the correct answer to this here.

As you can see I’ll be able to squeeze a little bit of Saturday Lit.

I’m a big fan of writing, one day I hope to complete a novel. But I feel that to be truly good at something you need to study the classics, the greats and your own contemporaries. This is why I love Salvador Dali’s art so much. He studied the great painters before he gave elephants long stick like legs and melted clocks.

I have been continuing my education.

There is a reason Agatha Christie is the Queen of Crime. I picked up Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express. A positively enjoyable experience. Agatha manages to trick you into believing that you know exactly who the culprit is before revealing her hand and you see she has bluffed you all along.

Not only has she a good understanding of the range of cultures in Europe, although it can lead slightly towards the stereotypical, her knowledge of geography is erudite.

Agatha has a way of describing her characters so intimately, that you feel as though you are journeying with them. The revelations of each character after the shocking murder appear to be true to their nature and I was at a loss as to who to suspect. You are lead, much like Poirot leading his friend M. Bouc, down a path of confusion and eventually revelation, that I was not clever enough to predict.

I encourage you all to go out tomorrow, or Monday and find a classic to read. They outlive their generations for a reason!

Judy-May out!

Plane Clothes

Hey you guys!

I’m putting an obligatory warning up for the few male readers I have (DC!) that this is going to be a fashion post.


Ah, plane travel. Gone are the heady days of dressing up for flights. What used to be seen as a fancy affair is now, sadly, a chore suffered to arrive at ones destination. I’m hoping to bring back some class, without sacrificing comfort, to flying to far and distant lands.

Most of us know the discomfort of spending a long period of time trapped in a tight space. The last thing we want is to have our buttons jabbing into our stomachs or our shirt cutting off circulation to our arms. That’s why this week I have dedicated my Travel Tuesday post to plane clothes, with a focus on plus size, because that’s what I am people.

Here is a vision board I created showing, what I believe to be the perfect long haul travel outfit.

Let’s go through it:

First is LA PARISIENNE TEE from virtu. 100% cotton, long line comfort tee. You want something loose fitting to accommodate the limitations of your area. Plus it’s really cute and comes with pockets.

Second up is the Wrap. You are going to need a pashmina or wrap of some kind, a jacket will be a waste on the plane. It can get quite chilly on planes and the complimentary blanket is not a soft cosy one. The wrap will do double duty as your blanket while you try to get some shut eye. Take a wrap that matches your outfit to keep warm on the plane, then if you’re arriving in warm conditions stuff it in your carry on. Trust me. This one’s from Volupture.

Now the pants is a key factor here people. These gorgeous skinny pants are perfect because of their elasticated waist! Track pants should not be worn. They are only for working out, cleaning and going outside when you are incredibly ill, mentally or physically. Audrey Hepburn would not have worn them on a plane, neither should you. Grab the pants from City Chic.

Shoes will also be a cause of concern. My UK mate Clarkey swears by uggs as a staple of her travel gear and I have to agree. Whilst I’m certainly not advocating uggs as an everyday wear, a lady sometimes has to make an exception. Long haul travel is one. Swap your ballet flats for them on boarding and vice versa on de-boarding. You’ll be grateful. Ballet flats are ASOS and uggs are Emu.

Obviously you’re going to need a huge carry on to fit shoes and a wrap in as well as all of your other travel accessories. I picked out this dream from Ciao Bella, it’s great because it has heaps of room and comes with removable shoulder strap and plenty of pockets. You can get yours with wheels if you like. If you’re backpacking you may want to rethink your choice, I have no tips for that.

Finally we need to accessorise this cute little number. I did so from the large collection of ASOS jewellery and sunglasses. I would not get on a plane without a watch or a pair of sunnies. The watch will help you adjust time wise as you move across time zones and the sunnies will help to hide dark circles and bags under your eyes when you arrive. I can sleep anywhere, at any time, but even I struggled to sleep sitting in the back of economy near the toilets with children surrounding me.

There you have my perfect plane clothes. I think I’ll have to give the old CC a work out to get these pieces. Any suggestions, leave a comment. Hate it, leave a comment. If you think I’m awful, get a life or leave a comment. You know, whatever.

Next Tuesday I’ll show you what I put in my carry on.

Judy-May out!



Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, like now. I’m keen on thinking that it’s due to over stimulation, my brain keeps on buzzing. In order to use this time constructively, I have come up with the following:

My blog has been somewhat aimless. It’s tried to be somethings that I love about other blogs, but it and therefore I have not found a voice. In order to rectify this I have come up with a list of daily blog posts. So if I am feeling like writing a post but I’m actually clueless about what to write, refer to the day of the week. If I have something to say, write and post on the day the post naturally fits into.

“But Judy-May,” I hear you cry. “You have other blog posts to follow up on! And what happened to pictures of your trip?”

Well dear reader, don’t become disillusioned. I have plans… so many plans… “Tonight, Pinky, we try to take over the world!”

Anyway over the coming days, months, years, (basically until I a) get sick of this style, b) think that it’s not working, c) completely forget that I ever wrote this post) you can expect:

  • Monday: Alphabet letter of the week
  • Tuesday: Travel Tuesday
  • Wednesday: GPOYW (that’s gratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday)
  • Thursday: Thursday’s Gripe
  • Friday: Video of the Week
  • Saturday: Saturday Lit. (or Saturday “Ask Judy-May” not sure yet, we’ll see)
  • Sunday: Get on your Bike!

Let me know what you think. Yes that means getting your act together and commenting below. Seriously people it’s not that hard. I know I have some readers. Give me feedback!

And get excited for tomorrow’s GPOYW!

Whoop! (That’s me getting excited. Oh. What shall I wear?)

Judy-May out!

Lux luthor!

Only 2 more days until I board the plane for home. I’m currently in luxembourg but I’m too exhausted to explore. I’ve sent my old pals BFOF and MakGyver out to take photos. Meanwhile here are some shots I took elsewhere.