Girl Crushes

Sometimes in life we are swept off our feet by the tall, dark, handsome stranger. Sometimes we are wooed by the baby blues of a swedish vampire. Sometimes the rescuer is a science geek who can get out of scrape using a little ingenuity and the things nearby. Sometimes life leads our emotions in very different directions.

Sometimes women are drawn in by other women. In a totally platonic way. Girl Crushes, defined by Urban Dictionary as “feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.”, are completely platonic. Similar to the standard “crush”, a Girl Crush, tends to be on someone beyond your social stratosphere. Think the popular girl, who is actually a sweetheart and you want to hate on her but can’t because she gave you a heads up about the toilet paper on your shoe.

Unlike a bromance (think Hamish and Andy or Joey and Chandler or Turk and JD), the girl crush rarely involves meeting the object of your affection. She could be the super cool check-out-chick with the pimped out pushbike, the awesome girl with the fashion blog, the girl who’s a lot like you because she loves knitting and cycling but lives in a different season. And I think it’s time that we celebrated these crushes. Women deserve our adoration and respect. We should be praising them to the high heavens. Perhaps don’t approach the check-out-chick by yelling across the store that you adore her though. Leave a note on the bike. Write a comment on a blog. Send a letter. I’m going to be sharing my fan love with two women this month.











The wonderfully sexy, funny, smart Miranda Hart. Writer and star of the hit show Miranda. If you haven’t seen it what the hell are you waiting for?













Adele. Gorgeous voice, excellent sense of humour, great laugh. Plus she writes her own music. I’m in awe of this gal!

Who are your girl crushes?