My life lately.

Hey you guys!

For these last few weeks I have been back living with ma mère and mon père. It has been quite easy actually. There, of course, have been moments of antagonism but wholly it has been fine.

Recently I made a decision about moving abroad. I have decided that I will move to Scotland, taking up a Youth Mobility Visa to work there for a year. If it all works out. I may only be there for a month but I will have tried at least. And who’s to say that it won’t work out.

It’s been glorious summer weather here and I have been hating it. It’s too hot. I don’t appreciate heat. I like the cold, but I have been trying to at least do stuff in it. I have had some nice picnics and been sitting in the shade outside which has been nice.

Healthy type lunch with TM at LivEat. We staged this because she was reading Men's Health with lots of hunky men in it.

The journal I gave to KK. I put lots of journal suggestions inside as well as photos of our history together and little "self-care strategies". I will make her some more pages.


At Royal Park, our local youth radio station was setting up for a huge party while KK and I lunched. Next to us there were some very cute (young) French Canadian men barbequing. We couldn't work out where they were from so KK asked.

And that has been my life lately. Lots of other things have happened, like my friend DC moving to Indo and Miss USA deciding to come visit Australia. But that’s their lives and not what my blog is about! LOL


Judy -May out!