TV Nostalgia

This week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for my old TV favourites. Saturday morning cartoons lost their sparkle around the time I started puberty and desperately wanted to sleep in and now they’re lacklustre or worse, AWOL! Here are a few that still make my day.

Ah DangerMouse what can I say? With your suave British ways and eye patch I think you’d win in a fight with BatFink.

SuperTed, I still believe my teddy bear will be brought to life by a spotty man with cosmic dust!

There will never be a more awesome group of friends. I’m sorry it’s true.

Until I was a uni student I actually believed that Scrooge McDuck was the original! (exaggeration, or is it?)

Arabian nights! Like Arabian days! They tease and excite, take off and take flight- oh sorry, I got a bit carried away there.

Finally here’s the one that I loved the most.

29 Acacia Road where Eric lives. A schoolboy with an amazing double life. I think that I might be BananaGirl.

Hope you have liked this journey into the Saturday mornings of my youth. Video of the week may be back next Friday. I’m not sure.

Judy-May out!