Lunch out.

Mondays The Mathematician and I go and get lunch from a variety of different places. One of the first places she took me was to Lot 66. Here we had what is now know as the best Chicken Rice in Kuantan. And while the food court is open air and has no air conditioning I am happy to suffer under a fan for this very tasty food. After all I never really remember how hot I was, just that I had good food and good company.

And now for something completely different.

Here in Malaysia Milo is the number 1 drink. Iced milo is popular at most restaurants and cafés, you can even buy it at McDonalds! It comes in so many different forms I’ve been overwhelmed by Australia’s famous beverage. Not that anyone here would believe that Milo is an Australian drink, no matter where it’s manufactured.

Here are just a few of the Milo products available.

Iced Milo.

Chocolate coated Milo.

Milo in a box

Milo in a can!

I’ll keep you abreast of any new products I come across.

Julia Gillard = Superhero

So long Avengers. Good bye X-Men. Take a break Justice League, there’s a new hero in town and she’s wearing a sensible pants suit.

Imagine my delight as I read the local newspaper, here in Kuantan, to find an article extolling the virtues of my country’s PM! Julia Gillard calling Tony Abbott on his own hypocrisy has got to be one of my favourite moments in modern Australian politics. Well done Julia! I hope that this will bolster women in the workplace who have to put up with some of the crap that Julia has during her time as PM. And thank you for reminding me that female superheroes aren’t all tiny waisted, large breasted, overly sexualised “wonder women” and can in fact be the person that was elected to stand up for my interests (despite the fact that I’m an Aussie abroad).

Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books? | Robert McCrum | Books |

Are you ashamed of skipping parts of books? | Robert McCrum | Books |


It’s a topic that is worthy of our attention. Does it count as finished if I have left large chunks unread? Unlike “The 20 page rule” (give it 20 pages, then give it 20 more) skipping pages can turn a book that you’d rather not finish, into a book that’s quickly completed. I’m sure I’m not alone in my confusion about being “allowed” to skip parts of books. While I’ve never been one to follow the “rules” of reading, being an avid margin scribbler and end of book reader this one has me in a muddle.

Do you skip? Is it “allowed”?

Going a little stir crazy. (Or why I need a crafty type project)

It’s very important to have some sort of creative outlet. I’ve been going a little bit crazy not having something to keep my fingers busy and my mind creative, and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing an object. I’ve always been a bit of a crafty type of person. I’m a keen knitter, but that doesn’t suit my current climate. So I thought I might swap needles!

That’s right I’m thinking of taking up embroidery, and this kit might be the perfect place to start. In the China Town/Sushi Bar combo, as a nod to my current Asian location.
What do you think? Could this be my new craft?

Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True MemoirLet's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson
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Jenny Lawson should never have written this book. Now all I want is MORE! I'm a regular reader of Jenny's blog, The Bloggess and in Let's Pretend This Never Happened she fills in some of the blanks. This book is inspiring, hilarious and positively sinful. Just read it, I don't know what you're waiting for!

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Good Food in Kuantan

I’ve been on a food lover’s binge this week. Many people would be jealous of the amazing delicacies I’ve eaten and watched other people eat. Oh alright that’s blatant exaggeration! But actually I’ve had a few good lunches this week with some good people!

First up The Mathematician and I went for lunch on Monday to a great café near Lot 66. She’d heard about it from her sister because it was owned by her sister’s brother-in-law’s cousin or something. Anyway we ate Nasi Lemak (which translates as Fat Rice!) and I drank a new favourite beverage of mine, the Iced Milo. Nasi Lemak comes with chicken and/or a boiled egg! It’s very, very tasty!

On Wednesday, after driving around to get my parcels from the post office and set up cable in my apartment The Scholar and I took a turn past an alluring Japanese restaurant called Hana Mizuki. I begged for him to take me there and we decided that we would go on Friday. We went and had the best meal. I ordered the sushi set and The Scholar ordered tempura, udon noodles and beef that you cook at the table. The sushi set came with sushi, sashimi, miso, salad and chawanmushi. I’m so glad we went.

And today I finally got my fill of Indian curry. There were four dishes and some rice served on a banana leaf and we ordered some prawn and chicken curries as well. The food was delicious but eventually the spice got a little too much for my poor mouth. I can eat any amount of wasabi with no worries but the long lasting sensation that comes with curry really affects me.  I went with The Scot. We had a great time eating and chatting. She’s a lovely lady and she’s been all around the world.

All up a very good week I would say!

The Monsoon

Here in Kuantan monsoon season has started. The sky has been leaking giant raindrops all over the city. Trees have fallen and the sea has been looking very irked. But despite this life goes on although in a much more dramatic way. It seems that with the shift in weather, so too comes the shift in lifestyle.

New bedspread.

At the weekend I went and bought some essentials, like this new quilt cover set and a new upright broom and dust pan for when I break glass. I looked at a lot of things in the same store and finally found a gas lighter gun that I can use to light my stove with. Rice cooker, it’s back to rice for you! But now I need to update my pots and pans. Alas starting all over is a tough job.

Japanese dust pan and broom. It’s almost fun sized!

I couldn’t resist this little dust pan set. It’s so adorable. There are times when I get so caught up in day to day life that I forget that I’m not living in Australia and then I find the above in a regular department store and it’s: “Oh, yeah! I’m in Asia!” Especially when the packaging is in delightful bubble font Japanese characters.

Some things that arrived via International Express.

KTran, awesome friend, sent me a package that contained the above, plus some 30+ Sunscreen. Oh Banana Boat! You are so good! Isn’t KTran great for sending me this? It also forced me into finding the post office/parcel collection place and so now I can send the pile of post cards I have sat on my table.
That’s all for now.

One month in Kuantan

I arrived in Kuantan in the middle of Ramadan. The fasting month for Muslims. It’s unfortunate because all the restaurants are closed. But soon after, Hari Raya began. The month long celebration of the end of fasting. I was invited to celebrate with some people. It’s very exciting to be included.

The food was amazing. The first day of Hari Raya and it was a huge feast. People were coming and going the whole time I was there. I ate curried just about everything and drank a delicious guava punch. The whole idea is that people eat for the whole day right after Ramadan. One ad for Hari Raya said “This is our reward. We just eat and be happy.” How can anyone not love a celebration like this? And everything was so delicious.


I’ve moved into a lovely little apartment. It’s one bedroom and has some plumbing issues but it’s nice and has air con! I’ve had some problems with cooking, because the gas elements aren’t self lighting. I nearly lost both eyebrows! I’m now using the rice cooker to make my meals. The ones I have at home anyway. There’s a pool for me to swim in and a gym, to work out in. My bedroom window looks out over the South China Sea and the balcony has a view of the gardens where wild pigs roam in the evening.  It’s possible that there is an illegal dojo in the flat above me! All the crashing and banging and crying out!

I’m addicted to this drink they have here called 100 Plus. It’s like Gatorade but fizzy and not as sweet. It tastes a bit like fruitsaline, you know that powder stuff you have when you’re young and sick and need to get rehydrated. It’s bloody good.

Something that you’ll love about MY is that they add la to everything. It’s like a verbal exclamation point. OK-la?! Hurry up-la! Chinta-la (means love).