The second doctor

The thing I love about Two is that he was more clownish and less serious that One. He played the recorder and wore stovepipe hats when he could. And he had these awesome pops of colour, like his red bow tie and vibrant pocket scarf.


The second doctor

I want to donate your blood.

I avoid a lot of mushy, touchy-feely, deep and meaningful blogs and this isn’t really going to be one but I wanted to warn you straight up.

I used to be a blood donor. I hope to be a donor again one day. The blood bank is picky.

That being said they do need donors, and lots of them. 1 in 3 Australians will need blood or a blood product in their lifetime but only 1 in 30 donate. There’s something wrong with the maths there people.

It’s a figure that hasn’t altered much in the 10 years since I first gave blood.

So to encourage all of you to go out and save a life I’ve compiled some lists.

People who will need blood:

  • Cancer patients and people with blood diseases
  • People with anaemia
  • Surgical patients, including ones who have open heart surgery and burn victims
  • Heart, stomach and kidney disease sufferers
  • Bone patients
  • Pregnant women, new mums and young children
  • Trauma sufferers
So if you know or have been someone who has/had: cancer, blood diseases, surgery, heart/stomach/kidney disease, broken a bone, a mother/a baby, some sort of accident then perhaps you should donate.
Reasons to donate:
  • Free health check: the nurse will weigh you and check your blood pressure and iron levels
  • An hour of time to yourself: the chairs are comfortable and for 20 minutes a nurse will fuss over you, you can even have a quick kip
  • Free milkshake and cookies. That’s right to ensure that your blood pressure doesn’t drop suddenly, causing you to pass out, the nurse will make you a milkshake and give you some cookies
  • Join an exclusive club. They’ll even give you a card telling you your blood type
  • The warm fuzzy feeling that you’re giving to your community without spending a dime
  • Save a life every three months. You’ll finally be able to say that you are a superhero
  • The relief that if you ever need any blood, at least you had the forethought to put some in the bank
I hope I have inspired some of you to brave your fear of needles and give up 470mL of your 5L (less than 10% of what you have) of blood which your body will replenish anyway (whether you donate or not).
Still unsure? Visit the Australian Blood Service and check out all of their cool stuff.

Judy-May out!

Picture this.

I am well aware of the fact that I haven’t shared all of my international adventures with you yet, time will come. But I did want to share with you some of my favourite adventures that have happened since then.

At Fresh Cafe

Outside my window

Op Shop Adventures

Friday Afternoon Freedom

On the Road Again

Hot Chocolate.

Travelling has made me look at life in a different way. Things that were once boring and mundane are now images of home and comfort. The design in everyday things is very beautiful and deserves just as much of my attention as the images of foreign trees and ships and people. Even me.

Judy-May out!

Palazzo Pants

My new favourite trend is the Palazzo Pant! It’s in no way a new fashion trend, more of a return to fashion. But I’m loving it! Coco Chanel love a Palazzo and I tell you what she’s the standard! So here are some Palazzo’s I’m lusting over. I’m thinking I’ll need them all. Palazzo’s are my new best pant friend!

ASOS Curve Palazzo. Gorgeous!

Sealed with a Kiss Designs!

Withered Rose!

Judy-May out!

Hush! I said “Hush!”

Hi all,

I know I’ve been very remiss in my posting lately and I have no full reason why except I’ve been rushing around like a mad hatter since I got back.

I wonder if any of you out there is blog land know of any great blog review sites. I’m often desperately hunting for new (and old) books to read and rarely do my tags on the library search engine come up with anything good. I have become a little addicted to smart bitches trashy books but I’m looking for more than just romance novels.

I’ve recently started reading Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and I have to say I’m quite enjoying it. Despite the obvious similarities to the phenomenon of Twilight, Hush Hush appears to be rather a lot better than the “inspiration”(?). But how was I to know that this teen romhorrorfantasy would be up my alley? Book reviews are very low on the ground among today’s magazines and newpapers and often they only review a particular type. So my hunt is on.

If you know of a delightful little blog that reviews a whole manner of books please let me know. I can’t have my blog do all of the things I want it to. Perhaps I need to refocus my ideas.

Judy-May out.

I am home

After a gruelling 30 hours (ish) of travel, 6 airports, 2 terminal transfers, 3 friskings and one angry passenger arrest, I arrived home.
Here’s what greeted at sydney airport past customs.

How wonderful it is to be back home.

Lux luthor!

Only 2 more days until I board the plane for home. I’m currently in luxembourg but I’m too exhausted to explore. I’ve sent my old pals BFOF and MakGyver out to take photos. Meanwhile here are some shots I took elsewhere.