Biking clothes

Biking clothes

Hey you guys!
Yesterday I rode 13+ km around my town! It was a great jaunt. Above is similar to what I wore.
My bike is a white version of the Electra 7sp Cruiser you see above. My jeans are Clockhouse from C&A in Halle, Germany whereas these ones are from City Chic. My top is similar to this one from City Chic but it’s from Rockman’s BeMe range. My birkies are the same make but in Burnt Orange. And finally my bag is Bluebird from Strandbags. Everything else is bang on!
I now am sunburnt, (silly me) and have a great strap mark across my chest. I took lots of photos and I will share with you soon. In the meantime here was the view from one of the prettier spots on my ride.
Judy-May out!

5 Things for Me

Last night I sat down to make a plan. I have discovered that although I have time to do things that I like, I waste this time! How dreadful. So I made a plan to carve out some time to do stuff that I like/want to do. I titled it: 5 Things for Me Before Fiji. Here they are:

1. Complete the 20/20 Home Cure. The basic idea is that I spend 20 minutes a day doing a set challenge, which is different everyday, for 20 days.

2. Write a piece for a publication. I would like to clarify that I don’t need to get it published at this point, I just need to write it!

3. Ride my bike at the weekends. Self explanatory.

4. Finish one knitting project.

5. Finish reading one book.

I put this plan into action at 8pm last night, starting with challenge 1 for the 20/20 Home Cure. I cleaned my bedroom. It’s spick and span. I even “dressed” my chest of drawers.

It’s nice to be able to sit in my room and not stress out because I can’t see the floor.


Today’s 20/20 was to buy flowers. Easy, that. I then popped them in a vase in the living room. Stayed tuned for more pictures.

As for the novel, I’m reading Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue.


Talk soon. x



Cycling Chic

I took Angus, my bicycle on a massive 8.5km ride today. Ok it’s not that massive but for a relatively unfit, chubby woman it felt massive.

I stopped for lunch at around 1 for over an hour and I walked through town. I ran into so many friends who were  keen to jump on Angus and have a quick ride. He was very obliging. It was really lovely.

I’ll be biking around a lot more often now that I’m feeling more confident! And I’ll be pimping my ride, so to speak. I’ll need a basket in front and a rack and some fenders. It was such a leisurely thing to do.

I even rode on the ROAD! Only in dedicated bike lanes however. What a feeling?!

One thing I will say is that you have a lot better perspective on a bike than you do in  a car or even walking, especially on the road. Inclines that I had never noticed before, were huge mountains to climb over. I’ll admit to jumping off and walking occassionally, generally because my knee felt like it was about to give.

I was able to see the city from a whole new angle. The above photo doesn’t demonstrate just how striking the view was here. I could even see that the tide was out on our river. That’s how detailed it was.

And we finally made it home after a big adventure.

Here’s the route I took. Screen shot from map my ride:

Thanks for…

Last Monday I was asked to share a prayer during morning briefing for our staff. I shared with them this:

  Leah Dieterich’s website thx thx thx shares with it’s readership a thank you note a day to different things.

It occurred to me last Monday morning that I spend a good proportion of my life whinging. Surely I could benefit from being more grateful, like Leah. Surely my life would be more fulfilled if I simply searched for the good in it, instead of focussing on the bad.

This of course I promptly forgot the minute my day actually began.

But gratitude has been a bit of a theme lately in my world. It’s sort of showed its face in many a different place. Most recently today, while I was reading Yen magazine in the library.

So here are the things that I am thankful for today:

Dear Adele,

Thank you for singing lovely songs that I can sing along to in my car.

Love, Judy-May.

Dear Baristas at my local coffee haunt,

Thank you for drawing cool pictures on the lid of my drink. They make going to work a lot easier. Also thanks for filling up my thermos with lovely, yummy chai goodness for my excursion today. It was nice to have that as a comfort.

See you in the morning, Judy-May.

Dear Angus, my Electra Cruiser Bicycle,

Thank you for being so cool. It was a great ride today, I can’t wait for Friday’s. Damn rain.

Until then, Judy-May.

I’m also including some pictures I took today on my excursion using the camera+ app on my iPhone.

my shoes

park lands

fenced in

winter flowers

little daisies

Bicycle Glory

A lot of my life is spent wishing I was doing something different. For example, instead of sitting reading about Emma and Mr Knightley, I wish I was out being Emma (not Mr Knightley) or instead of watching The Last Airbender, I wish I was bending. So when something as doable as riding a bike came along I found that I had to participate.

I was inspired by the blogs of Dottie and Kara, fashionable cycling blogs that show women and men dressed in regular clothes getting about on two wheels. So I have joined their ranks.

Electra Cruiser

I bought myself a new bike, an Electra Cruiser from Geard’s where Joe and Peter helped me out. I did a lot of homework before I went in and I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted. But I went home and thought some more before shelling out for a brand new bike. And I love her.

Here she is!

She has swooping handlebars and a wide seat for extra comfort on my derrière. I’m still not fit enough for an all out ride but the little I have done so far have been blissful. Oh I’m in love. Now I’ll need to name her. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comment section below.