Julia Gillard = Superhero

So long Avengers. Good bye X-Men. Take a break Justice League, there’s a new hero in town and she’s wearing a sensible pants suit.

Imagine my delight as I read the local newspaper, here in Kuantan, to find an article extolling the virtues of my country’s PM! Julia Gillard calling Tony Abbott on his own hypocrisy has got to be one of my favourite moments in modern Australian politics. Well done Julia! I hope that this will bolster women in the workplace who have to put up with some of the crap that Julia has during her time as PM. And thank you for reminding me that female superheroes aren’t all tiny waisted, large breasted, overly sexualised “wonder women” and can in fact be the person that was elected to stand up for my interests (despite the fact that I’m an Aussie abroad).

Lizzie Bennet, I choose you!

It’s been a little while since I posted a video of the week. And I have no excuse, however, I have found YouTube to be so inspiring of late, it’s been hard to narrow down just one video. UNTIL NOW! My favourite brothers (that aren’t my own) John and Hank Green are responsible for raising the popularity of a lot of vloggers/YouTubers. Hank has decided to branch out now and start his own creative YouTube project.

Watch Hank explain his new project:

Hank’s new project and video of the week: Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries!

I hope you enjoy!

Because I had to

Due to this weekend being my birthday I have decided to change things up a bit and post a youtube video.

“But Judy-May, it’s Sunday!” I hear you cry.

“Well tough titties it’s my birthday I’m going to do what I want.”

You should all watch this, it makes my heart happy. This song is the anthem of my childhood.

Amazing Video

Lame title I know but I’m a but sleepy and I’ve been battling with my wireless.

This week’s video is by a photoshop artist, showing just what can be done with some know how and a lot of talent and vision! It certainly makes me rethink my obsession about my imperfect body.

I know you all enjoyed that hey!

Judy-May out!

Plane Clothes

Hey you guys!

I’m putting an obligatory warning up for the few male readers I have (DC!) that this is going to be a fashion post.


Ah, plane travel. Gone are the heady days of dressing up for flights. What used to be seen as a fancy affair is now, sadly, a chore suffered to arrive at ones destination. I’m hoping to bring back some class, without sacrificing comfort, to flying to far and distant lands.

Most of us know the discomfort of spending a long period of time trapped in a tight space. The last thing we want is to have our buttons jabbing into our stomachs or our shirt cutting off circulation to our arms. That’s why this week I have dedicated my Travel Tuesday post to plane clothes, with a focus on plus size, because that’s what I am people.

Here is a vision board I created showing, what I believe to be the perfect long haul travel outfit.

Let’s go through it:

First is LA PARISIENNE TEE from virtu. 100% cotton, long line comfort tee. You want something loose fitting to accommodate the limitations of your area. Plus it’s really cute and comes with pockets.

Second up is the Wrap. You are going to need a pashmina or wrap of some kind, a jacket will be a waste on the plane. It can get quite chilly on planes and the complimentary blanket is not a soft cosy one. The wrap will do double duty as your blanket while you try to get some shut eye. Take a wrap that matches your outfit to keep warm on the plane, then if you’re arriving in warm conditions stuff it in your carry on. Trust me. This one’s from Volupture.

Now the pants is a key factor here people. These gorgeous skinny pants are perfect because of their elasticated waist! Track pants should not be worn. They are only for working out, cleaning and going outside when you are incredibly ill, mentally or physically. Audrey Hepburn would not have worn them on a plane, neither should you. Grab the pants from City Chic.

Shoes will also be a cause of concern. My UK mate Clarkey swears by uggs as a staple of her travel gear and I have to agree. Whilst I’m certainly not advocating uggs as an everyday wear, a lady sometimes has to make an exception. Long haul travel is one. Swap your ballet flats for them on boarding and vice versa on de-boarding. You’ll be grateful. Ballet flats are ASOS and uggs are Emu.

Obviously you’re going to need a huge carry on to fit shoes and a wrap in as well as all of your other travel accessories. I picked out this dream from Ciao Bella, it’s great because it has heaps of room and comes with removable shoulder strap and plenty of pockets. You can get yours with wheels if you like. If you’re backpacking you may want to rethink your choice, I have no tips for that.

Finally we need to accessorise this cute little number. I did so from the large collection of ASOS jewellery and sunglasses. I would not get on a plane without a watch or a pair of sunnies. The watch will help you adjust time wise as you move across time zones and the sunnies will help to hide dark circles and bags under your eyes when you arrive. I can sleep anywhere, at any time, but even I struggled to sleep sitting in the back of economy near the toilets with children surrounding me.

There you have my perfect plane clothes. I think I’ll have to give the old CC a work out to get these pieces. Any suggestions, leave a comment. Hate it, leave a comment. If you think I’m awful, get a life or leave a comment. You know, whatever.

Next Tuesday I’ll show you what I put in my carry on.

Judy-May out!