Do You Belong In Melbourne?

How can you tell if Melbourne is the city for you? Here’s a list of all the things that make up a typical Melbournian.

You wear black, devotedly.

Imagevia frocks and frou frou

“It’s my uniform, OK?”

It may be the AFL, but you know all the best teams will always be from Melbourne.

AFL via

OK, Victoria. But it’s all just outer Melbourne really.

You know that an umbrella and a jacket are important accessories.

Imagevia timecowboy

You want to participate in the annual Zombie Shuffle.

zombiesmelbournevia Herald Sun

You either love or loathe dressing up for Cup Day.

myer_FOTFvia Melbourne Girl

And leaving with your shoes in your hand is definitely not classy.

You can’t wait for the Boxing Day Test, especially if it’s the Ashes .

cricket-fansvia The Australian

Even if you hate cricket, you can’t pass up a chance to have an all day picnic/drink-a-thon with your mates.

You need a café and a thrift store in your neighbourhood, preferably within walking distance, but you’ll take the tram if you have to.

coin laundry

via Tour de Clance

You collect rail tickets.

metcardsvia Meld Magazine

And you have a preferred ticket system, either team Metcard or team Myki.


Are there any other indicators that I’ve missed? Do you fit the mold? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Do You Belong In Melbourne?

  1. No I do not: no, nope and not at all!!
    I think I am the antithesis of a Melbournian.
    Would you like to be one???
    I am going to sew a new dress….with the ruffles from this dress…Simplicity 1872 Does that make me a Melbourn-ite??

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