For the Love of Pau

There are so many ways to spell Pau using the Roman alphabet. Bao, Pao, Pau, Bau… it’s pronounced somewhere between pow and bow (as in bow wow not bow tie) and I love it. I love it’s pillowy softness and the silky “crust”. I love the different types and the close resemblance they have to my face, all round and white. I love the hot bready first bite before you get to the delicious middle filling. I love nibbling at just the filling before I eat the bun and filling together. I love to savour the deliciousness and stuff my cheeks full of the squishy goodness, like a squirrel preparing for winter. I love that it costs RM1.20 for one of these round puffs of delight. And I love that, if I had to, I could eat them all day everyday!

A tray full of pau at Chan Poh.

A tray full of pau at Chan Poh.


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Pau

  1. Yes, but what is inside, where is the cross section photo so I can revel in their scrumptiousness??!!!
    The pillow thing?? All I can think of is Madonna and her pillow face filled with fat from her bottom!!!!!!

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