Tom Baker, The Forth Doctor

Tom Baker played the Doctor for 7 years. That’s longer than high school! For this reason it was hard to make a decent representation of his costume, because there are so many variants to it. So this is more of an inspired by Tom Baker’s Doctor. And before you ask, you’ll have to make the scarf yourself because I’ve looked and I can’t find one, unless it’s on etsy… where there are plenty.


2 thoughts on “Tom Baker, The Forth Doctor

  1. Jelly baby anyone?? Thank goodness you didn’t do Colin Baker. He wears what MrsDrWho calls, clown barf clothes: so many colours in a riot of awfulness.None of The Doctors are green enough for me.

    • I do believe 8 wears a green velvet coat does he not? As for Colin Baker, I think he and Sylvester McCoy are going to be my greatest challenges! Perhaps I can skip them?

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