Over too soon.

I’ve been enjoying Legend of the Seeker, latelyThe show only lasted 44 episodes, two measly seasons! This is a great show that wasn’t able to fully find it’s place in the viewing schedule. And how could it? The TV guide is so full of Crime Drama (honestly, what’s next? CSI: Artic Circle?) that new shows aren’t truly given the time to become great. It’s either a hit straight away or it’s not going to happen, ever! EVER!

Other excellent shows that only survived 2 years or under:

Wonderfalls. Jaye is drawn into conversations with toys and figurines that tell her to do things. When she refuses they badger into submission, mostly so other people don’t think that she’s crazy! What’s not to love? Underdog main character, cute boy, talking wax lion! When tripe like The Biggest Loser and Wife Swap plague our screens why are shows that are intelligent, humorous and well decorated being canned?

Joss Wheadon created Firefly after the immensely popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A great show with an interesting cast of characters, enough humour, action and romance for anyone. I blame fully the loss of this show on ridiculous reality TV. I do not care if you are a talented singer who just wants a chance to live your dream!  As lead actor Nathan Fillion said: “Why was this show cancelled?” One season wasn’t enough and a movie followed but sadly that is all.

The poor Pie-Maker. In Pushing Daisies, it’s early on that Ned discovers his gift. As a child he accidentally brings his mother back to life with just a touch but quickly realises if he doesn’t touch them again someone else has to die. In his mother’s case it’s his bestfriend, Charlotte’s father. And it is my personal opinion that Olive Snook, singing waitress at Ned’s shop, The Pie Hole, is the most wonderful character in the world.

Bryan Fuller doesn’t have too much luck with his TV shows as Wonderfalls was also his creation.

In a world where great shows like these are cancelled and shows like Pickers, Hard Core Pawn and Swamp People continue to been shown what hope is there that entertainment will ever win out over mindless viewing?

What favourite shows of yours have been cancelled before their prime? Do you know of any shows that maybe should have been cut short much sooner than they went on?

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