Ah Wednesday. Pronounced: Wed nes day

Yes that’s right for a long time I have, in my head pronounced Wednesday as above in order to help spell it correctly. It’s a throw back to primary school years when I thought, well probably thought “Wenesday has no d in it! Just like nife has no k.” I find myself often using phonetics to help me with spelling, or other little tricks. Like goose and loose rhyme so that’s how I tell the difference between lose and loose. Also I use special effects to help discern which affect/effect I’m after, effect is a noun and therefore a thing, whereas affect is a verb and therefore something that is done/that you do. OK enough spelling. Although now that I’ve used OK you’re probably wondering why I spell it that way.

So you’re not. I’ll leave that for another post.

Here’s GPOYW:

Near Montezuma Falls.

One thought on “Ah Wednesday. Pronounced: Wed nes day

  1. Definitely say that in my head. Also ton-gue and mer-in-gue. I wish I had the Speech and Drama phonetic symbols!! Being old, we leaned Craven A affects your throat in Primary School. Craven A being a brand of cigarettes!!! It’s like there is a piece of pie in piece and an ear in hear etc. I love mnemonics as well.
    Thank you, now I am humming the song that goes with your photo. Nice gesturing by the way there’s probably a job for you on Sale of the Century!!

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