The First Doctor

I’ve been going through a Doctor Who? phase so I thought I’d put together some outfits for us ladies on the polyvore that were inspired by the 11 incarnations of the Doctor. Who knows I might throw a companion in too. Enjoy!


The First Doctor

Chloé silk blouse
$810 –

Dorothy Perkins tuxedo blazer
$69 –

Isabella Oliver herringbone vest
$105 –

FAIR+true checkered pants
£85 –

Zara flat boots
$50 –

Paula Bianco bow necklace
£188 –

Just Female Acces silver flower ring
€18 –

4 thoughts on “The First Doctor

  1. Oh that is so clever and spot on. Did you know that ABC2 is repeating the new series, starting with Christopher Eccleston, every weekday night at 7-30pm??

    • I also did Nine’s outfit but I didn’t want to publish it right away so I swapped it from published to draft… sorry for the mixup 2paw. If only I got ABC2. It’s not on the iView that I saw… sad… Thanks for liking this!

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