Cycling Chic

I took Angus, my bicycle on a massive 8.5km ride today. Ok it’s not that massive but for a relatively unfit, chubby woman it felt massive.

I stopped for lunch at around 1 for over an hour and I walked through town. I ran into so many friends who were  keen to jump on Angus and have a quick ride. He was very obliging. It was really lovely.

I’ll be biking around a lot more often now that I’m feeling more confident! And I’ll be pimping my ride, so to speak. I’ll need a basket in front and a rack and some fenders. It was such a leisurely thing to do.

I even rode on the ROAD! Only in dedicated bike lanes however. What a feeling?!

One thing I will say is that you have a lot better perspective on a bike than you do in  a car or even walking, especially on the road. Inclines that I had never noticed before, were huge mountains to climb over. I’ll admit to jumping off and walking occassionally, generally because my knee felt like it was about to give.

I was able to see the city from a whole new angle. The above photo doesn’t demonstrate just how striking the view was here. I could even see that the tide was out on our river. That’s how detailed it was.

And we finally made it home after a big adventure.

Here’s the route I took. Screen shot from map my ride:

6 thoughts on “Cycling Chic

  1. I a worried that you are not home yet as your ride is not from point to point. Did you start somewhere else far away from home?? Cool bike, well done, and I am pleased to see you are wearing your helmet!!! Angus McSporran I shall call your push bike. Do you sing The Push Bike Song as you ride? I would. If I had any breath left!!

    • No need to worry 2Paw. I arrived home. I drove in Nora, my zippy green car, to my start point where Angus was being housed and started there. I can honestly say that I didn’t think to try singing The Push Bike Song as I was riding but now it’s stuck in my head. I don’t quite understand why Angus’s surname is “McSporran”, but I like it. Hurrah!

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