Celebrity Crush

Ok I’ll admit it. I have a long list of celebrity/character crushes. From Morelli and Ranger in Stephanie Plum  to MacGyver and Richard Dean Anderson. The list is long and if you want to see a whole bunch check them out here. But what do you do when you become obsessive about your faux lover?

My first and probably strongest celeb crush was on Prince Eric

(Hello the man is gorgeous. Tall, dark, with dimples and big blue eyes and a great smile. All he’s missing is a great, kind and loving personality, oh wait!) But I grew out of that, around the same time I realised cartoons weren’t real people, yes it might have taken a bit longer than that.

I then of course moved on to Leo DiCaprio, as did every other teen in the mid-late 90s. Then David Boreanaz, the list goes on. But I have had very few TV/celeb crushes since I left my teens, ok my early… mid… last year. And any that I did have were mild, Jonny Lee Miller*, Rupert Penry-Jones, Austenesque types. Barely raising my heart rate to more than its resting beat.

And then this:

My doctor would be worried if he took my pulse when watching this man!

Now what do I do?

Is my crush on an irresistible, undead, fictional character? Or is my crush on the incredibly sexy, but stranger-to-me, actor? Either way it’s not going to end with a happily ever after. The vampire is not real (and if he were, deadly attraction!) and the actor lives in Sweden and even more remote, LA.

How do you get over a celeb crush?

I’m going to start by watching some MacGyver!


*(Edited blog post: Richard Armitage is really swoon worthy and does cause heart palpitations, as pointed out by my dear friend 2 paw. Where you now see Jonny Lee Miller, it was Richard Armitage. Please excuse this faux pas)

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Crush

  1. And I should think so too. In fact I might fill in my religion on the Census as Armitage-ian!! But yes, Jonny-Lee Miller was quite good in Eli Stone. Hows about young Nigel Havers, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Elvis(yes, young Elvis, very cute!!) Anthony Andrew, Michael Shanks (nice arms) RDA (goes without saying) and Chandler Bing(cute and witty)

  2. Can I admit I’ve never see TrueBlood – my friend Tony laughs at my lack of popular culture knowledge – can you get it on DVD?

    Must admit Richard is VERY yummy.

  3. Can I admit I’ve never see TrueBlood – my friend Tony laughs at my lack of popular culture knowledge – can you get it on DVD?

    Must admit Richard is VERY yummy.

    I do have a copy of Plunkett and McLean so know who Jonny is

    • Well done my love. You can get True Blood on DVD. There are three seasons currently available, or you could just YouTube Alexander Skarsgård and get your fill there.

      Richard is in a whole other league, he’s Mr Thornton!

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