Bicycle Glory

A lot of my life is spent wishing I was doing something different. For example, instead of sitting reading about Emma and Mr Knightley, I wish I was out being Emma (not Mr Knightley) or instead of watching The Last Airbender, I wish I was bending. So when something as doable as riding a bike came along I found that I had to participate.

I was inspired by the blogs of Dottie and Kara, fashionable cycling blogs that show women and men dressed in regular clothes getting about on two wheels. So I have joined their ranks.

Electra Cruiser

I bought myself a new bike, an Electra Cruiser from Geard’s where Joe and Peter helped me out. I did a lot of homework before I went in and I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted. But I went home and thought some more before shelling out for a brand new bike. And I love her.

Here she is!

She has swooping handlebars and a wide seat for extra comfort on my derrière. I’m still not fit enough for an all out ride but the little I have done so far have been blissful. Oh I’m in love. Now I’ll need to name her. Feel free to add any suggestions in the comment section below.

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