Lenten Indecision

Working a Catholic school and being raised Catholic (I’m a terrible lapsed Catholic and refuse to discuss my faith online) does often see me pick up some of the “fun” traditions. At the moment it’s Lent and I have decided to take up the challenge of making decisions quickly. Now for anyone that knows me decisions can take me anywhere from 5 minutes (to choose shoes for the day) to 5 years (to select oh a favourite TV show, I don’t know). I’m worse than Joey on Dawson’s Creek. Dawson! No, Pacey. No, Dawson. No, Pacey. Oh who the bloody hell cares?

Deciding what to do next

My indecision can be crippling at times! I find it very frustrating and I often end up doing nothing which is a decision in itself. I’ve even found myself wondering, now that my travels are over what the hell am I going to do with my blog? Should I keep going? Should I give it up? If I do keep going what am I going to write about? Does anyone actually want to read the thoughts of a chubby teacher from Australia?

Do my glasses make me look smart?

Anyway, I’m not going to stress over decisions any more, as McSchnoodle says “Sounds ok.” and she’s a paramedic.


Judy-May out!

5 thoughts on “Lenten Indecision

  1. 40 days aren’t quite over yet, so lets test out this new decisiveness… so what is your favourite TV show then? 😉

    • Now that’s just nasty! Single season or whole series? Single season Dr Who with Donna Noble. Whole series is a toss up between Meerkat Manor and Macgyver. I probably have one in every genre too if you like? But no, I’ve made my choice. 😉

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